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Basic Lettering Workbook


Explanations, cheat sheets, practice sheets + videos // Bonus: Worksheets for your iPad


Digital product 

* round about $22.00 (USD)

If you are looking for an extensive workbook about Script & Brush Pen Calligraphy then this complete edition is for you!
The complete edition comes not only with the important basic infos and cheat sheets for quick reference; it also contains aaaaall the practice sheets with traceable and freehand sections and advice to really get you started with script lettering and brush pen calligraphy and help you to confidently create your own beautiful letters.

This 50-page-workbook contains:

  • Basic info about script lettering and brush pen calligraphy
  • Script lettering cheat sheets
  • Script lettering practice sheets for lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Basic strokes cheat sheet for brush pen calligraphy
  • Brush pen calligraphy alphabet cheat sheets (lowercase and uppercase letters)
  • Extensive explanation sheets for each brush pen calligraphy letter (lowercase and uppercase letters) + access links to demonstration videos 
  • Brush pen calligraphy practice sheets with traceable letters for all lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Tricky letter connections cheat sheet
  • Practice sheets with example words (traceable and freehand sections)
  • Blank worksheets for freehand practice for two different sizes of brush pens (big tips like the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen and small tips like the Pentel Sign Brush Pen „Touch“) 
  • BONUS: All practice sheets for your iPad! Get all practice sheets and blank sheets for your iPad, too!*
    (*Procreate files – you will need to have the app Procreate installed on your iPad; to import the files simply open Procreate, click on „import“, select the source (e.g. iCloud Drive, Downloads or Google Drive etc.), select the file and it will import it to Procreate. Tip: Merge the files to a stack in Procreate to keep your files organized)

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