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Lettering Mini Course

Enroll in the Lettering Mini Course and finally get started with lettering today!


Lettering Mini Course

Order the new Lettering Mini Course and finally get started with lettering today!


Have a look over my shoulder and learn some essential basics from me 
so you can finally get started with lettering!

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Hi! My name is Christiane and I have been practicing lettering for over 5 years now. 
In 2018 I started creating lettering designs for all kinds of clients – from big international companies to local bars and private customers. Lettering is my passion and I love passing on my knowledge, tipps & tricks to lettering beginners.
This „Lettering Mini Course“ is a quick and compact introduction to the lettering basics from me to you.
With easy-to-digest video tutorials and working material, I want to give you a great start into the beautiful and versatile world of lettering so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Topics covered in the Lettering Mini Course:

Lettering terms and typefaces

Understand what lettering is and learn some basic terms, differentiate between 3 main classifications of typefaces, and work on your first letters.


Learn how to create faux calligraphy, write real calligraphy with just a pencil, and even get an introduction to the popular brush pen calligraphy.

Easy Embellishments

Learn easy embellishments, e.g. how to create 3-D letters and shadows, or what elements you could use to flourish your letterings.

Basic composition process

Learn my basic lettering composition process with a pencil from A-Z, from first sketches to the final lettering piece.

What's included:

Yesss, there is bonus material:

Course overview

    1.1 What is lettering?
    1.2 Typography terms
    1.3 Classification of typefaces
    BONUS – My style serif miniscule alphabet

    2.1 Introduction to faux calligraphy
    2.2 Pencil faux and real calligraphy
    2.3 Introduction to brush pen calligraphy

    3.1 Shadows, 3D-effect and all kinds of flourishes
    BONUS – Strange flowers & mysterious plants

    4.1 My pencil lettering composition process from A-Z
    4.2 Basic layout shapes & sample compositions
    BONUS – Procreate Brushset with layout shapes

Who is this course for?

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Most frequent questions and answers

You have access to the course immediately after purchase and registration. You can start at any time and work at your own pace. You will have access as long as the course exists and you will also receive all updates to the course automatically.

After the purchase you will receive a link through which you log in/register once on the course platform „elopage“. After that you have „lifetime“ access to my online „Lettering Mini Course“ (as long as it exists). You will find all video lessons there as well as the working material for download. You can go through all the modules as many times as you like and work on everything at your own pace. 

I teach the course with paper and pencil (or fineliner). But if you prefer to work digitally you could also upload the worksheets to your iPad and do the assignments there (e.g. in the App Procreate).

No. The course takes place exclusively online and you can start immediately after purchase. You will need to download the material provided and print it out yourself (or work digitally).

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